Next Level: GLL PUBG League Season I

Recently we have been testing our ELO&Rating system during April and May Ladder. We are proud to announce that the Beta test for ELO system is now complete and we are moving onto the next stage on PUBG Play with GLL PUBG League Season I.

Before we move forward, we would like to thank all of those who played our Weekly Ladders throughout the months of April & May and provided us with helpful feedback. It has allowed us to complete testing and iterate our new rating algorithm. We’ll continue to refine the algorithm, striving for continuous improvements for our players. For more information on our ELO&Rating System,  please read our dev letter here. (link to dev letter)

With GLL PUBG League, we are aiming for continuous competition for everyone. It will have the most rewarding prize pool for non-professional players, but it will also be the path for a career in esports.

Players will be able to build their rating by playing PUBG on our platform during the seasons. Your rating will be used to unlock tournaments, playoffs & awards in the future.


What is GLL League Season 1?
GLL League Season 1 is an event on GLL, where PUBG players can compete for real money and prove yourself!

The GLL League Season 1 is the move out of beta phase of the GLL Battle Royale ELO system that awards you rating depending on your own skill and your opponents.

Which maps?
Erangel and Miramar!

How do I play GLL League Season 1?

  • Sign up (or sign in if you already have an account) on
  • Click the yellow PLAY button in the top of the right section on the site once logged in
  • Choose Solo or Duo depending on what you want to play
  • Join the queue
  • Wait until enough players have joined the party.
  • Use the provided server name and password to join the match in the PUBG client.

What game modes can I play?
You will be able to play in Solo & Duo matches. You can choose if you want to create a premade party with friends to play duo or queue Solo in Duo and get teamed up with other players.

How do I gain rating?
The rating you gain or lose after each match will be based on your placement and the number of kills.

How do I win money?
The top 100 players with the most rating in each leaderboard (Solo, Duo) at the end of the event will win a share in the prize pool of $2,500 for Solo, And $2,500 for Duo. Keep in mind that the prize money is per individual and not per team, as your rating is calculated on an individual level.

What is the Premium Bonus?
The premium bonus is 10% increased winnings on your top 100 leaderboard placement award.

When will I receive my winnings?
Your winnings will be added to your wallet on within a period of 2-3 weeks after GLL League Season 1 has concluded.

Is League Season 1 free to enter?
Yes, it is free to enter, as long as you have the game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PC)

When does GLL League Season 1 start and end?
GLL League Season 1 start on May 13th, at 16:00 CEST, And ends on June 2nd, at 16:00 CEST

When does my rating get updated?
The rating is updated right after each game has been reported in our system.

What would happen if I don’t save my replays?
Your rating will be reset, for all games unaccounted for.