July Ladder!

Play! Bring your friends! Have fun!

This month we will be featuring GLL Ladder!

All information regarding format & prize pool distribution can be found below.

You can start playing right now!


Event Starts 

July 29th at 16.00 CEST

Event Ends
August 5th at 16.00 CEST

How does matchmaking events work?
You will get automatically matched up against other GLL players. You can queue up for either Duo or Squads, if you are not a full team you will be filled with other players who are queueing.

Once a lobby is ready to start, you will be given a name and password to a PUBG server to join. Then just play your game, stats are updated automatically to GLL!

Each week we have a unique matchmaking event with different win conditions, so make sure to check out what you should focus on this week. Premium members always have extra win conditions or prize pools.

For each matchmaking event (week) there is a dedicated map that changes weekly, this is to make it fair so that all games that week are played with the same map conditions.

What is Ladder and how does it work?
All your games will count! Your placement on the leaderboard is based on Total points will be counted towards your position in the leaderboard, Total points = Kill points + Placement points.

You will see a steady increase the more games you play on the ladder.

If you manage to secure enough points at the end of the event, you will get rewarded! You can queue up for either Duo, or Squads, but points you get in a duo game for example will not count towards squads points.

What game modes can I play?
You’ll be able to play in Duo or Squad matches. You can choose if you want to create a premade party with friends to play duo or queue Solo in Duo, Squad, and get teamed up with other players.

How does this event work?
You play as a Duo or Squad team. You will be awarded based on your position on the leaderboard! Kills and placements matter a lot! Each Mode’s point system is listed in its separate tab.

How is the leaderboard sorted?
The leaderboard is sorted in this order:

  1. Total Points ( Higher is better )
  2. Wins ( Higher is better )
  3. Kills ( Higher is better )
  4. Games Played ( Higher is better )
  5. Placement Points ( Higher is better )
  6. Games Played as Premium ( Higher is better )

When will I receive my winnings?
Your winnings will be added to your wallet on play.gll.gg within 2-4 weeks after the event has concluded.

When does my result get updated?
The result is updated right after each game has been reported in our system. If the game is not accounted for please use “play-support” on Discord

Why have my results not updated even after 2 hours?
We are aware of the issues when some of your matchmaking games are not accounted for in the stats. This issue is with the API and we are doing everything we can to fix it and working with PUBG Corp. on it. Thank you for your understanding.

What would happen if I don’t save my replays?
Your results will be reset, for all games unaccounted for.

For the prize distribution, Each queue (duo & squad) will have their own leaderboard!

Duo EMEA: Top 50 will share a $1330 Prizepool
Squad EMEA: Top 100 will share a $2000 Prizepool

As a premium, you will earn +50% of your prize pool at the end of the event!

You must be premium for more than 60% of the games within the games played to earn a premium reward!

Placement Points
1 10
2 6
3-4 5
5-6 4
7-8 3
9-10 2
11-12 1
13-32 0
Kills 1

Placement Points
1 10
2 6
3 5
4 4
5 3
6 2
7 1
8 1
9-16 0
Kills 1
  • Duo EMEA
    • Miramar (Wed-Sat)
    • Erangel (Sat-Wed)
  • Squad EMEA
    • Erangel (Wed-Sat)
    • Miramar (Sat-Wed)
  • Duo: EU
  • Squad: EU