It’s time for another round of GLL PUBG Nations Royale, the nation-based 32 vs 32 tournament where you can represent your country!

How does it work?

The concept is simple:

  • Players from all over the world fight to represent and prove which country is the best in PUBG.
  • To represent their nation, players qualify through PUBG Squad tournaments where the top teams will have their members represent their own countries.
  • Once the country representatives have been selected, they will be teamed up with a PUBG Streamer who will lead them as into combat as a general.
  • The countries will face off in an online tournament within separate regions using the PUBG Platoon Mode (32v32), which will be broadcasted by GLL!

Regions Overview

The countries are divided into 4 regions, EMEA, Americas (North America+Latin America), Oceania (Australia+New Zealand) and a new inclusion of South East Asia (SEA).


32 EMEA countries will play in a double-elimination format tournament bracket, which leads up to a Semi-Final and Grand Final. The countries that have had a big turnout in previous iterations will have a qualifier where they can sign up to play with their fellow countrymen. We also want to include as many countries as possible, and as such will hold Interest Check sign-ups where players and teams can sign up to show that their nation should also be included in the tournament. If more than 32 countries are in the running, then the nation with the higher Interest Check attendance will receive a qualifier to have their nation in the tournament.

For the countries not on any of the list, it is allowed to join a neighboring nation. Ex: Icelandic Vikings are allowed to join their fellow Norwegian cousins in the battle for domination.

EMEA Qualifier Countries:

Turkey Russia Greece Ukraine
Sweden Portugal Germany Romania
France Spain Czechia Norway
Poland Finland Kazakhstan Kosovo & Albania
Denmark Estonia Austria Switzerland


EMEA Interest Check Countries:

Latvia Bulgaria Netherlands United Kingdom
Italy Lithuania Slovakia Serbia
Croatia Hungary Belarus Lebanon
Bosnia Herzegovina Belgium Israel Tunisia


Americas will have the North American and Latin American countries face each other separately, and the remaining two from both regions will face each other in a Grand Final.

Americas Qualifier Countries:

USA Canada Brazil
Argentina Peru Chile

Americas Interest Check Countries:

Mexico Paraguay Venezuela


For South East Asia we will have 4 teams who will battle it out in a double-elimination format. This is the first time we’re featuring these countries on GLL and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

SEA Qualifier Countries:

Cambodia Thailand
Indonesia Philippines


Finally, for Oceania, we will have the classic showdown between Australia and New Zealand to see which nation is the best down under! The countries will have a joint qualifier to see which players gets into their respective nation.

OCE Qualifier Countries:

Australia New Zealand

How To Participate

Each country will feature 32 of the most hardcore patriots of their home country to represent them in the upcoming royale war mode.  The generals will pick 24 players for the team themselves, and the remaining portion will qualify through the preliminaries or be picked by us at GLL! Here is a brief summary, with more details outlined in the sections below:

  • 23 Players will be picked by the General
  • 8 Players (2 squads) will qualify through the open qualifiers.

In EMEA there will also be a third way to participate:

  • Qualify through a premium weekend squad tournament. In this tournament, teams are allowed to mix their nationalities, and the players in the Top 3 squads will get invited to represent their respective nations. The players will also adjust the numbers of how many players the General will be able to invite.


Squads will face each other in a single-elimination format for each country. Top 2 squads from each country will be qualified to play for their respective country in the GLL Nations Royale Play-Offs. Stay updated by following us on social media and keeping track of the tournaments page on

Interest Check

Want your country to join the region line-up and represent your country in our upcoming Nations Royale tournament? Sign-up for country representation check of your own country on to show us that you’re ready to represent your nation! If enough players sign-up in your country, there is a possibility that your county will be added to the lineup! Please note that the “country representation” sign-up on won’t be played out as a PUBG tournament and will not act as a qualifier or guarantee a spot for your country in the upcoming Nations Royale.

Schedule & Dates

Specific times and information for each region will be available closer to the dates.

Qualifiers: 13th – 20th of April


May 17th – SEA

May 18th – EMEA & Americas

May 26th – EMEA

May 27th – EMEA & Americas

May 28th – EMEA & Americas

May 31st – SEA


June 1st – EMEA (Day 1) & Americas

June 3rd – EMEA (Day 2)

June 6th – SEA Finals


Feel like you have what it takes to represent your country for the GLL PUBG Nations Royale? Then continue to read!

Each country will have a general that is responsible for picking 24 teammates for their team, based on GLL stats as well as some invites. The general for each country will be picked by GLL and will represent local profiles within the PUBG community. All Generals are expected to stream their matches in their respective local languages.

What are the responsibilities of a general? 

Generals have many responsibilities such as selecting a certain amount of players, improving the communication within the team and coming up with strategies to defeat their opponents. The General will also stream their matches for their community.

How can I apply for being a general for my country?

You can apply by filling out this Google Form. Make sure you answer all the questions and that you give us as many details as possible. Your answers will be one of the key factors in picking generals. We will stop accepting applications on the 20th of April so make sure you apply as soon as possible.

What is your decision based on? 

We will be selecting generals according to these criteria:

  • Stream profiles and interactions with their respective community
  • Proficiency in PUBG
  • Respecting the GLL Rules

Do you have what it takes?