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The regular season of GLL might be over and we’re all looking forward to the Grand Finals where the top 16 teams in EU & NA will duke it out in Bucharest, 20-22 April.

We’ve also decided to open up the GLL experience to more players – today we’re launching the signups for GLL Open – anyone can play competitive!


h2Every single Wednesday & Saturday for the total of 5 days players can join up with their squad and play with the competitive environment and settings used in regular GLL Seasons.
Remember that you need to sign up to each tournament day with your team.
h2We’re going to open this for everyone but will use rankings so you play against opponents of similar skill. As the days progress we’ll use ranking to make the matchups even better.
h2At the end of this period, the top teams will advance to a later stage during the GLL Season 2 Qualifiers.


  • 18th of April every squad that wants to play competitively can play twice a week!
  • Wednesdays & Saturdays for a full 5 days, 20 matches in total. (Register to each tournament day is required, registering to one tournament day does not apply for next day and so on)
  • Divided in to four regions: EU West, EU East, SA and NA
  • Ranked groups so you play against players of same skill
  • Squad FPP
  • 16 team per match
  • Best of 4 matches
  • Both Miramar & Erangel



  • You play with competitive PUBG settings
  • You play against real competitive opponents of the  same skill
  • Ranked lobbies
  • Full stats available on
  • Play against real pro teams (if you’re good enough!)
  • Best teams in GLL Open will advance to later rounds of the GLL Season 2 qualifiers which will take place in May 2018.



April: 18th, 25th*, 28th,

  • EU East will start 19.00 MSK
  • EU West will start 21.00 CEST
  • SA will start 20.00 BRT
  • NA will start 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT*

*April 25th of NA has been moved to April 27th 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT

May: 2nd

  • EU East will start 20:00 MSK
  • NA will start 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT

May: 3rd

  • EU West will start 20:00 CEST
  • SA will start 22:00 BRT

May: 4th

  • EU East will start 19.00 MSK
  • EU West will start 21.00 CEST
  • SA will start 20.00 BRT
  • NA will start 10pm EDT / 7pm PDT



#1. 100p
#2. 80p
#3. 65p
#4. 55p
#5. 50p
#6. 45p
#7. 40p
#8. 35p
#9. 30p
#10. 25p
#11. 20p
#12. 15p
#13. 10p
#14.  5p
#15-16.  0p

Each kill will give 4 points.

Erangel settings

  • 1,5x AR
  • Other Settings: Default


Miramar settings

  • 2x AR
  • 1.5x attachments
  • 1.5x ammo
  • 1.5x scopes
  • 1.5x meds



  • No Redzones
  • No Cosmetics
  • No Flaregun
  • Only Sunny/Sunset