GLL Apex Legends
Masters Summer

In this Apex Legends Global Series event, hosted by GLL in collaboration with EA, you’ll be able to enter and play in the League of the 4 Super Regions, to which players qualify through 8 regional qualifier tournaments. With an incredibly stacked prize pool of 100,000 USD, a ton of ALGS points, and official broadcasts by GLL – well-known talents, as well as a new generation of stars will get a new chance to shine. So get ready for a summer filled with GLL Apex Legends action!

Find out all the information in this article to either join or watch the event!

Regions & Super Regions


  • Qualifiers: June 27th – June 30th
  • League: July – 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
  • Finals: August 1st & 2nd

More about the tournament format of Qualifiers, League and Finals can be found in the section below.

How Does It Work?



EU & NA:

  • Round of 320 & Round of 160 = Saturday, June 27th
  • Round of 80 = Monday, June 29th
  • Round of 40 = Tuesday, June 30th

Australia & New Zealand, Japan & Korea, South America, Middle East & Africa, Greater SEA:

  • Round of 160 = Saturday, June 27th
  • Round of 80 = Monday, June 29th
  • Round of 40 = Tuesday, June 30th

Each region has their own qualifier tournament where the top teams will move on to play in the League format which will be within their Super Region (Example: North & South America play in their qualifiers separately – but will play together in Americas in the League section). The slots in each qualifier and region are distributed in accordance with previous tournament and scrim attendance as well as results. 40 Teams will participate in each Super Regional League according to the regional breakdown below:

Americas EMEA APAC North APAC South
North America (32) Europe (34) Japan & South Korea (40) Greater Southeast Asia (28)
South America (8) Middle East & Africa (6) Australia & New Zealand (12)

Countries eligible for each region can be found here.


League Days:

  1. July 2nd
  2. July 9th
  3. July 16th
  4. July 23rd
  5. July 30th (Last Chance)

Start Times:

  • APAC South: 11:00 UTC – 19:00 SGT
  • APAC North: 12:00 UTC – 19:00 KST/JST
  • EMEA: 17:00 UTC – 19:00 CEST
  • Americas: 23:00 UTC – 4PM PDT / 7PM EST

In the League, the teams that move on from the qualifiers will be placed depending on their results in two separate divisions called Alpha and Bravo. The League will be played over 4 weeks, with 1 League Day per week. Each League Day consists of 6 matches. After each League Day, the top 5 teams in the Bravo division will move up and switch with the bottom 5 teams in the Alpha division.

Playing in the Alpha division will reward teams with double the League Points of the Bravo division as shown further down in this article.

After 4 weeks of League play, the top 10 teams, by League Points, in each Super Region will move on to the Finals, whereas the bottom 10 teams will be eliminated. The remaining 20 teams will have their points reset and play for last 10 spots in the Last Chance League Day.


Dates: August 1st & 2nd

The top 20 teams in each Super Region will play 16 games over the course of a weekend, 8 each day, to battle for the prize pool and find out which team is victorious. All teams who qualify for the Finals of GLL Masters Summer will receive ALGS points. Each day will start with 4 matches on World’s Edge, followed by 4 matches on Kings Canyon.

Start Times:

  • APAC South: 13:00 CEST – 19:00 SGT
  • APAC North: 14:00 CEST – 21:00 KST/JST
  • EMEA: 19:00 CEST
  • Americas: 01:00 CEST – 4PM PDT / 7PM EST

League Bracket System

Finals Prize Pool

Placing America EMEA APAC North APAC South
1 $15000 $15000 $6000 $6000
2 $7500 $7500 $3000 $3000
3 $4500 $4500 $1800 $1800
4 $3000 $3000 $1200 $1200
5 $2100 $2100 $900 $900
6 $1500 $1500 $600 $600
7 $1200 $1200 $450 $450
8 $900 $900 $350 $350

League Point Distribution

More info regarding Point Distribution and Rules are available on the tournament page for the respective qualifier.

Watch Live

The tournament will be broadcast on

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