If you thought GLL Grand Slam was only for the pros to take part in, we are here to prove you wrong with the GLL Grand Slam: Showdown!



The GLL Grand Slam: Showdown will see regions face off against each other in a 32v32 all out war!

Regions that will participate are: CIS, Turkey & MENA, EU, NA and LATAM! Four Streamers from each region will lead the charge, working together to path their way to victory.

All streamers will be leading the charge live from the GLL Grand Slam venue and will duke it out against each other to finally see which region is really the best in PUBG?

You’ll be able to follow along with all the actions as each streamer will be broadcasting their POV as well as a complete overview live on twitch.tv/GLL right before the GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic matches start!

Can I take part?

Of course you can!

Each region will consist of 4 streamers and 28 players from that region, which means there is a chance to qualify and lead your region to victory!

Each region will consist of 4 squads of 8 players (1 streamer + 7 players) which adds up to 32 players per region.

Streamers will be able to invite 3 players each and the remainder of spots will be filled by the top 4 Squads that qualify through play.gll.gg

Note that only the streamers will be flown to Stockholm, Sweden.


Each squad that qualifies will receive: $400 ($100 per player in the squad)

Sign up now!


Qualifiers are now over!

Qualifier Schedule

Round 1
TR/MEA – 4th July @ 19:00 TRT

CIS – 5th July @ 19:00 MSK
EU – 5th July @ 19:00 CEST
NA – 6th July @ 6pm EDT
LATAM – 5th July @ 19: 00 BRT

Round 2
TR/MEA – 6th July @ 18:00 TRT

CIS – 6th July @ 18:00 MSK
EU – 6th July @ 18:00 CEST
NA – 7th July @ 6pm EDT
LATAM – 6th July @ 18: 00 BRT

Round 3
TR/MEA – 7th July @ 18:00 TRT

CIS – 7th July @ 18:00 MSK
EU – 7th July @ 18:00 CEST
LATAM – 7th July @ 18:00 BRT

Featured Streamers

Below you’ll find all of the streamers attending the GLL Grand Slam: Showdown!
Don’t see a region yet? Each regions streamers will be revealed over the next few days.