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Spring Season is here!




GLL continues to build upon the Auto Chess esports scene with the GLL Auto Chess Spring Season!

This time we’re expanding to Asia, optimizing our tournaments and platform while also testing new tournament formats!


How it works

During the Winter Season, we noticed that players were more inclined to play our weekend events rather than the daily lobbies, which is why we want to focus on the weekend tournaments more for the upcoming season. In the future, we might look into bringing the daily lobbies back if we manage to make the flow more easy to handle as we improve and develop the platform.

The regular weekend tournaments will function, as usual, starting on a Friday, and having players progress throughout the weekend until the Sunday.
Besides the Americas and EMEA region, we’ve also expanded to our third region, Asia! We know players have been asking for this since the beginning, and we’re happy to say it soon is finally happening.

As we expand and improve the platform, we’ll announce any updates on our Twitter so make sure to stay updated by following us on!


GLL – Showdown

Put your skills from ranked to the test against other top players in the weekend tournaments. Here you can challenge yourself for higher stakes and prize pools.

  • Starting on Fridays, continuing on Saturdays and ending on Sundays at 7PM EST (Americas) / 7PM CEST (EMEA) / 7PM UTC+7 (Asia). Full schedules can be found on the tournament page.
  • All played on Mobile (Might change depending on updates on cross-platform capabilities)
  • On Fridays, the groups will be Best of 2
  • Saturday and Sunday groups are Best of 4
  • Tournament Group Brackets
  • Prize Pool: $300 + 5500 Donuts (per region)


GLL – Chess Mates

Once a month, the weekly Showdown will switch to Chess Mates! This tournament will be the first duo tournaments in Auto Chess where you can partner up with a friend to try new formats and strategies and most of all – have fun!

  • Chess Mates will be smaller tournaments played in full on Saturday & Sunday. ( every 3rd week )
  • All played on Mobile (Might change depending on updates on cross-platform capabilities)
  • Prize Pool: $300 + 5500 Donuts (per region, duos share the prize)


Other Details

  • All tournaments start at 7PM EST (Americas), 7PM CEST (EMEA), and 7PM UTC+7 (Asia).
  • We’ve decided that until further notice, to have the tournaments on the Mobile client until the PC version is ready for competitive play or when cross-play becomes available.
  • As the game develops, so will our platform. Please stay tuned for updates on how we will improve the experience on the platform.
  • If you have any questions, you are free to contact us either via Discord or any of our social media channels found at the bottom of the page.
  • Check the tournaments themselves on for the latest information.


Point System & Rules

  • The point system has been developed to encourage players to go for top placements and to avoid the number of tiebreakers.
  • All rules can be read here:
  • As with any formats, we work in an iterative manner and are open to player feedback to improve the player experience.


Placement Points
#1 9
#2 7
#3 6
#4 5
#5 3
#6 2
#7 1
#8 0