GLL Best 10: Trials

Play! Bring your friends! Have fun!

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Which maps?

  • Friday: Erangel (Remastered)
  • Saturday: Miramar
  • Sunday: Erangel (Remastered)

What game modes can I play?
You will be able to play Squad. You can choose if you want to create a premade party with friends to play Squad or queue Solo in Squad and get teamed up with other players.

How does this event work?
You play as a normal Squad game. Your Position and Kills will be counted and produce a Match Result. Each game you play will generate a new Match Result, Your best 10 Match Results will be what is counted in the leaderboard!

SQUAD Point System

When will I receive my winnings?
Your winnings will be added to your wallet on within a period of 2-4 weeks after the event has concluded.

When does it start and end?
It’s starting on August 30th, at 16:00 BRT, And ends on September 2nd, at 03:00 BRT

When does my result get updated?
The result is updated right after each game has been reported in our system. If the game is not accounted for please use “play-support” on Discord

What would happen if I don’t save my replays?
Your results will be reset, for all games unaccounted for.

What are the prizes?

For the prize distribution, this time around we are trying something different.

1st Place = $50
2nd Place = $40
3rd Place = $30
4th Place = $20
5th Place = $10

But that’s not all…The top percentages of players will also find themselves in the money!

Top 1% = $20
Top 5% = $12
Top 10% = $8
Top 15% = $5

*Premium members will earn an additional 50% of their winnings