PUBG TARIHININ EN HEYECANLI DUO TURNUVASI! Wingman tamamen eğlenmekle alakalı ve kapımız bu aksiyonun bir parçası olmak isteyen herkese açık! En iyi arkadaşını, partnerini, sevgilini veya kiminle olmak istiyorsan onu kap ve bugün kaydol! WINGMAN SERISI VI LIGI Her bir bölgede 64 takım 3 hafta boyunca Vikendi, Erangel ve Miramar’da kozlarını paylaşacak. Bu 3 haftada takımlar […]

Published 2019-01-11 in Wingman

Wingman Series VI League – Scheduling, Format & Prize Pool Split!

64 teams in each region will duke it out during three weeks on Vikendi, Erangel and Miramar. Over the three weeks, they will gather points and the top 16 teams in each region will make it to the final. In Oceanic 64 teams will face each other over the course of three weeks where the […]

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Wingman Series VI – Wingman is back for 2019!

THE MOST EXCITING DUO TOURNAMENT IN PUBG! Wingman is all about having fun, and the qualifiers are open to anyone who wants to be part of the action, so grab your best buddy, partner, lover or whoever you like to play with and signup today! QUALIFIERS The qualifiers for Wingman Series VI are approaching and […]

Published 2019-01-08 in Wingman

GLL Wingman Series V – Finals Info

Time for the GLL Wingman Series 5 Finals To warm you up for the GLL S3 Grand Finals we have our Wingman Finals the day before on the 5th December. Three regions will have three champions for the last Wingman Series for 2018. All of the matches will be broadcasted from the Lounge Stream Studio […]

Published 2018-12-03 in Wingman

Wingman Series V – Duo League!

Get ready for Wingman Series V! All of the qualifiers are almost done and we’re getting ready for the main part of the tournament kicking off next week! Here are the broadcasting times as stated earlier: Week 1: Miramar – 14th of November CIS & Turkey – 19:00 MSK Europe – 19:00 CET South America […]

Published 2018-11-12 in Wingman

GLL Wingman Series V Prize Pool

Drum roll, please … And the GLL Wingman Series V prize pool is… Yes, you read that right, GLL Wingman Series V will have a total prize pool of $50,000! The total will be split, $25,000 in Europe (EU + CIS & Turkey) and $25,000 in the Americas (North America + South America). In case you missed […]

Published 2018-10-27 in Wingman

GLL Wingman Series V – Duo League

GLL Wingman is finally back with Series V! This time we are revamping our concept as we’re extending it to a duo league. We are introducing a new format that changes slightly through the different stages of the tournament. Remember that Wingman is all about having fun, and the qualifiers are open to anyone who […]

Published 2018-10-19 in Wingman

Competitive ruling: 100IQGUBJE

It has come to our attention that the player 100IQGUBJE have been breaking our Wingman Series rules during the European portion of Wingman Series 4 – Sanhok. He will be banned from all GLL hosted events for 2 years for having a steam account with an active PUBG ban while playing in a GLL hosted […]

Published 2018-08-03 in Wingman

Time for Wingman Series IV Sanhok

Finally Sanhok is released on the live server and with that we can now announce more information regarding Wingman Series IV Sanhok – a Mini Royale for duos! This time the duos from each region will duke out for $10,000 per each regional finals, in total Wingman Sanhok will all be played over the course […]

Published 2018-06-24 in Wingman

Announcing GLL Wingman Series III: Savage!

As the GLL Wingman Series II is starting to come to conclusion we want to thank all the players that have participated – over 2500 players have so far played in Wingman which shows that duo mode indeed is popular. Beacause of that we’ve decided to open up the registrations a bit early for the […]

Published 2018-04-14 in Wingman