S3 Grand Finalists – Dignitas

#SeizeTheNight Dignitas is a team that have shown time and time again that they are a threat to the competition, even with their recent roster change that they made their debut within Week 6 of S3, which brought in two new players “PurdyKuty” & “aLOW” to form an all NA roster, they have still been […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Ninjas In Pyjamas

#GONINJAS They spent week 2, 3 & 6 in 2nd place of the Alpha Division while Week 1 they finished 3rd. Week 4 & 5 proved a tad bit difficult with them ending in 10th and 8th place. With stable placements and high kill games, NiP finished Season 3 in 2nd place overall! It’s Gaxy who […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Knights

#KnightLife Miracles really do exist when it comes to Knights, they managed to qualify for the Grand Finals by the skin of their teeth. In comparison to their previous season, which was the polar opposite to the struggle that was Season 3, the Grand Finals looked like a far-fetched dream.  With 18 kills more than […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – FaZe Clan

#FaZeUp Just like the majority of teams, FaZe Clan were caught in the midst of what has been called “Roster Royale” which gave them very little time to settle into their new roster. They only had one week where they had placed within the top 3, a 1st place finish at that. Despite the set backs, […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Wildcard Gaming

#StackTheDeck Wildcard are standing as one of the strongest teams from the Americas region, seeing them back in Stockholm, Sweden for another GLL Grand Final is no surprise to any of us. They finished top of their region in Season 3 with 134 total kills to their names! Alfred ‘Pride’ Choi was their top fragger […]

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Season 3 Grand Finals Information

It’s time! The end of S3 is fast approaching, and we are excited to reveal more details around the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals. The event will take place in GLL’s hometown Stockholm between December 6th and December 8th, where 16 teams will compete for the coveted prize pool of $100,000. In case you forgot […]

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Band of brothers bound by Liquid dominate Week 5 in EU

Team Liquid rip the crown from Loot Goblins head in Week 5 Loot Goblins reigned supreme for the first three games in the European region until Team Liquid rack up the points with 45 total kills and two Chicken Dinners to their name after Jembty joins forces with his twin brother Sambty to create a […]

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Week 5 was a burning flame in the CIS & Turkey region of Season 3

M19 creep their way to the top! In similar fashion to the GLL Season 2 Grand Finals, M19 climb up the leaderboard unnoticed ending Week 5 in 1st place! Totalling 23 kills and 1278 points total, they managed to slip their way past everyone with not a single win to their name this week, killing […]

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With just two weeks left of the season, the Americas leaderboard is a Stacked Deck

Slow and steady wins the race Despite not winning a single week, Wildcard Gaming is 1st place on the overall leaderboard after four weeks in the Americas region. With placements of 7th in week 1 and 2,  then 2nd in week 3 and 3rd in week 4, Wildcard Gaming is the perfect example of slow […]

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We are just one week past the halfway mark of Season 3 in the EU region!

Ninjas in Pyjamas creep their way to the top in true ninja fashion! Topping the leaderboard after four weeks of Season 3 is Ninjas in Pyjamas with a total of 110 kills and a 224 point lead from 2nd place team o1ne, they are the strongest contender in the EU region at this time. After […]

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