GLL Auto Chess Winter Season

GLL Auto Chess Winter Season Begins! Being an Auto Chess player just got better, presenting the GLL initiative to strengthen Auto Chess esports, the GLL Auto Chess Winter Season! With this, we want to enable any Auto Chess player to level up and become a pro at the game through our platform. How will it […]

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GLL Dev Letter #1

    Dear players, Recently we have been testing new ELO based system during the April and May Ladders. As you noticed it’s quite a big change from everything we had previously done and in this letter we want to explain a little bit about the system, the reasons we are implementing it and talk […]

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GLL Season 3 Grand Finals – Recap

After 15 games over 3 days, the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals is over and it’s Team Unique who take home the trophy! The CIS & Turkey region + GLL, name a better duo! That makes it three seasons in a row where the region reigns supreme. Team Unique take home the mammoth share of […]

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S3 Grand Finalist – Team Ready

#TeamReady This Seasons nailbiters, Team Ready is on the way to participate at the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals here in Stockholm, Sweden. Over in the Americas region, it all came down to the very last game of the season for Team Ready and Ghost Gaming. After a chaotic and suspenseful final game, both teams […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Besiktas Esports

#BJK Besiktas Esports also formerly known as Diamond Dogs, will be crossing the border from Norway to Sweden as they prepare for the Grand Finals on 6th of December. This team played it safe to secure their way, having stayed in Alpha the entire season, starting off just barely avoiding Bravo in week one. Week […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Excelerate Gaming

#JustExcel The Fins are coming to Sweden! And no, it’s not the Dudesons. The team that was formerly known as o1ne now EXCELERATE GAMING wanted to make an expression, and so they did by not dropping out of Alpha at all over the course of the season. Coming in 5th on the overall leaderboard in Europe […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – eUnited

#StandUnited eUnited want to spread their wings, as they find themselves flying to Stockholm, Sweden this week for the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals. United they fought in the Alpha Division for all six weeks, coming 5th overall with 96 kills. This will be the first time for the team making it to a GLL […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Red Diamonds

#RedDiamonds Red Diamonds had their fair share of name changes this season, but one thing that didn’t change was their outstanding gameplay. They are coming into the Grand Finals as the 1st place team from the CIS & Turkey region.  During Seaons 3 we saw P1NN get himself into many situations and come out on […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Elgiganten Gaming

#Elgiganten The Northmen in Elgiganten Gaming started their season with a Dominant 1st place in Bravo with 34 kills to their name to secure themselves a spot in Alpha for week 2. First time in Alpha was a tough one, placing them back into Bravo yet again. However, it spiked something in them, making them crush […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Envy

#BurnBlue Team Envy find their way to the Grand Final of GLL season 3 in Stockholm, Sweden. There was some turbulence along the path towards this however, not having a finalised their roster until a few weeks in. How ever with the new additions in PAT_KAPS and Interrogate they started finding their footing and had […]

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