GLL Grand Slam PUBG Classic – Press Release

GLL partners with PUBG Corporation to host GRAND SLAM: PUBG Classic in Stockholm in July 2019! Today, Stockholm-based esports company G-Loot, with its Battle Royale brand GLL, announces its partnership with PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp.) to host a new PUBG Classic event, GLL GRAND SLAM: PUBG Classic. The multi-regional tournament for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) will be held […]

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is the day that we recognise women all over the world and we think it’s about time you get to meet all the women behind GLL! Each and every single one of these amazing women is part of the bricks that built Gloot/GLL into what it is today. Join us in celebrating all that […]

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Stage 2 of Nations Royale Open Preliminaries

Nations Royale Open Preliminaries Stage 2 Congrats to all winners in Stage 1 of the Nations Royale Open Preliminaries!  We will announce all the winners after the conclusion of the Second week of the Open Preliminaries. We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re making some changes for Stage 2. We are upping the stakes, and […]

Published 2019-02-12 in PUBG News

How to participate in Nations Royale!

HOW  TO PARTICIPATE IN NATIONS ROYALE Each country will feature 32 of the most hardcore patriots of their home country to represent them in the upcoming royale warmode.  The generals will pick about half of the team themselves, and the remaining portion will qualify through the preliminaries or be picked by us at GLL! Here […]

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Nations Royale – Preliminary Information

THE FIRST NATION-BASED 32 VS 32 PUBG TOURNAMENT GLL is proud to announce the first ever Nations Royale and gladly provide details for how this will be done. In total over 30 countries across Europe, Americas & OCE will duke it out in each region to decide: Which is the PUBG country in the world? […]

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Wingman Series VI League – Scheduling, Format & Prize Pool Split!

64 teams in each region will duke it out during three weeks on Vikendi, Erangel and Miramar. Over the three weeks, they will gather points and the top 16 teams in each region will make it to the final. In Oceanic 64 teams will face each other over the course of three weeks where the […]

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Wingman Series VI – Wingman is back for 2019!

THE MOST EXCITING DUO TOURNAMENT IN PUBG! Wingman is all about having fun, and the qualifiers are open to anyone who wants to be part of the action, so grab your best buddy, partner, lover or whoever you like to play with and signup today! QUALIFIERS The qualifiers for Wingman Series VI are approaching and […]

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GLL Season 3 Grand Finals – Recap

After 15 games over 3 days, the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals is over and it’s Team Unique who take home the trophy! The CIS & Turkey region + GLL, name a better duo! That makes it three seasons in a row where the region reigns supreme. Team Unique take home the mammoth share of […]

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S3 Grand Finalist – Team Ready

#TeamReady This Seasons nailbiters, Team Ready is on the way to participate at the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals here in Stockholm, Sweden. Over in the Americas region, it all came down to the very last game of the season for Team Ready and Ghost Gaming. After a chaotic and suspenseful final game, both teams […]

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S3 Grand Finalists – Besiktas Esports

#BJK Besiktas Esports also formerly known as Diamond Dogs, will be crossing the border from Norway to Sweden as they prepare for the Grand Finals on 6th of December. This team played it safe to secure their way, having stayed in Alpha the entire season, starting off just barely avoiding Bravo in week one. Week […]

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