Get ready for today’s GLL – featuring all regions in English: CIS, EU & Americas!

We are halfway through the GLL Season and tonight we play the fourth week of the second season of GLL. With the halfway mark we have decided to follow the CIS region with our English broadcast. This means that you can follow the action on the English GLL channel at 17:00 CEST, 18:00 MSK, were […]

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Get ready for the Nordic Clash Monthly Final powered by Twitch!

On the 3rd of June at 17:00 CEST – the top 30 duos from the three qualifying weeks will duke it out against 10 Twitch influencer duos for a lion share of the $5000 prize pool. The 30 duos with the highest total points from the 3 qualifying weeks will be eligible to compete in […]

Published 2018-06-01 in Nordic Clash, PUBG News

Get ready for GLL Regular Season 2 starting tomorrow!

The GLL Season 2 featuring a prize pool of $100,000 is around the corner and starting tomorrow (May 22nd) we’ll have all of the top teams in the world duking it out over 6 weekly play days in a total. Schedule for the first week – May 22 CIS – 18:00 MSK (17:00 CEST) EU – […]

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Changes in GLL Alpha & Bravo for Season 2

The qualifiers are underway in both EU & CIS and are also going to start on Saturday for SA & NA. During this period we’ve also received some quality feedback, especially for the SA & NA regions which have their own qualifiers but will merge for Season 2. Our initial thoughts were to merge them […]

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Get ready for GLL Promotionals tomorrow!

Over 1500 squads have duked it out over the course of both GLL Open and GLL Season 2 qualifiers across four regions in the world – and it’s time to know which teams will finally advance to the GLL Regular Season – it’s time for GLL Promotionals! Who’s ready to be as good as Na’Vi? […]

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Training Grounds is Back in Black!

We are happy to announce that Training Grounds is back for another week of practice! Next week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we will host lobbies between 18:00 and 22:00 CEST. The matches will be hosted with professional settings like last time so this is the perfect opportunity for your squad to practice and […]

Published 2018-05-11 in General, PUBG News

GLL is proud to announce Nordic Clash powered by Twitch

GLL is proud to announce one more duo tournament for all the PUBG lovers out there – this time especially for the Nordic region! Starting this weekend (May 12,13) all the PUBG players and streamers across all the Nordic countries will be able to participate in “Nordic Clash” – a fun style monthly Duo FPP […]

Published 2018-05-09 in Nordic Clash, PUBG News

GLL Training Grounds

Next week you can both qualify for the second season of GLL and the PUBG Global Invitational, and we are going to help you get ready! This Sunday and Monday we are hosting the GLL Training Grounds. GLL Training Grounds is perfect to get you ready for the professional environment as we will host organized […]

Published 2018-05-05 in General, PUBG News

Congratulations and welcome to GLL Season 2

GLL Open is over and we want to thank every team that has participated! It’s safe to say that we will continue with more tournaments and servers in the future. Next up is the Season 2 qualifiers. Here are the teams that have already qualified for GLL Promotionals. Top teams from here will advance directly […]

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GLL Season 2 Qualifiers details

The GLL Season 2 is around the corner so it’s time to get ready for the qualifiers as well as the first broadcast. Here’s more details about the qualifier schedule and basic format. The major changes in the Season 2: $100,000 Prize Pool Qualifier dates that doesn’t overlap with the amazing PGI 2018 coming up […]

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