WINTER LADDER’I TIRMAN Yeni ve sınırlı süreli etkinliğimizde puanlar için mücadele et, sıralamada yüksel ve ödül kazan. YENİ SAVAŞ BÖLGESİNDE YETENEKLERİNİ KANITLA Karda iz sürme becerilerini geliştir ve yeteneklerini yeni Vikendi haritasında kanıtla. SIRAYA GİR & OYNA Kayıt ol, play butonuna tıkla, sıraya gir ve birkaç dakika içinde maça katıl. PUANLARI KAZAN & SIRALAMADA YÜKSEL […]

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ILK ULKELER ARASI 32 VS 32 TURNUVA GLL sizlere bir ilk olacak Nations Royale’i sunmaktan gurur duyar. Avrupa, Amerika ve Okyanusya’dan çıkacak toplam 30’u aşkın ülke bir soruya cevap vermek için yarışacak: 30 ülkeden hangisi, PUBG ülkesi? Detayları bu yazıdan temin edebilirsiniz. Nations Royale su ana kadar yapılmış tek ülke bazlı, en büyük 32 vs […]

Published 2019-01-15 in General

Nations Royale – Preliminary Information

THE FIRST NATION-BASED 32 VS 32 PUBG TOURNAMENT GLL is proud to announce the first ever Nations Royale and gladly provide details for how this will be done. In total over 30 countries across Europe, Americas & OCE will duke it out in each region to decide: Which is the PUBG country in the world? […]

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Not long to go now! S3 Grand Finals!

The road to the GLL S3 Grand Finals is almost complete! After 6 weeks of intensive battles the top PUBG 16 teams from around the world make their journey to Stockholm, Sweden for the GLL Season 3 $100,000 LAN Grand Finals! The S3 Grand Finals will be packed with awesome competitive PUBG action! There will […]

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Season 3 Grand Finals Information

It’s time! The end of S3 is fast approaching, and we are excited to reveal more details around the GLL Season 3 Grand Finals. The event will take place in GLL’s hometown Stockholm between December 6th and December 8th, where 16 teams will compete for the coveted prize pool of $100,000. In case you forgot […]

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Competitive Ruling: Are too busy

It has come to our attention that the team “Are too Busy” have been breaking our Season 3 rules during week 4 of the CIS & Turkey games. The team will be disqualified from Season 3 for account sharing or knowingly playing with someone that is account sharing. 3 players in the team will receive […]

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We are just one week past the halfway mark of Season 3 in the EU region!

Ninjas in Pyjamas creep their way to the top in true ninja fashion! Topping the leaderboard after four weeks of Season 3 is Ninjas in Pyjamas with a total of 110 kills and a 224 point lead from 2nd place team o1ne, they are the strongest contender in the EU region at this time. After […]

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Competitive Ruling: Free_Agents

It has come to our attention that the team Free_Agents has been breaking our Season 3 rules during Week 3 of the CIS & Turkey games. The team will be disqualified from Season 3 and the players will receive 1 year or 6 months ban from all GLL hosted events for account sharing or knowingly […]

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Training Grounds is Back in Black!

We are happy to announce that Training Grounds is back for another week of practice! Next week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we will host lobbies between 18:00 and 22:00 CEST. The matches will be hosted with professional settings like last time so this is the perfect opportunity for your squad to practice and […]

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GLL Training Grounds

Next week you can both qualify for the second season of GLL and the PUBG Global Invitational, and we are going to help you get ready! This Sunday and Monday we are hosting the GLL Training Grounds. GLL Training Grounds is perfect to get you ready for the professional environment as we will host organized […]

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