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GLL is a competitive online gaming platform for the battle royale game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG).

At GLL we bring together players from around the world to compete in our tournaments, such as but not limited to; GLL Seasons, GLL Matchmaking, GLL Wingman, and Weekly tournaments.

Together with a high production environment we aim to create an unrivalled viewing experience for Twitch users.

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GLL Regular Season
The GLL regular season is our longest ongoing League and has proved successful to participants and spectators around the world.

The season consists of two divisions; Alpha and Bravo, with the latter being split into Bravo 1 and 2. Games are played with 16 teams in each division on both Erangel and Miramar maps.

The teams will battle it out to earn points for placement and total kills. The end goal for this tournament is for teams to climb to the top of the leaderboards, which in turn, qualifies them for entry into our LAN Grand Finals.


GLL Wingman
GLL Wingman is one of our most popular tournaments which runs as a series and can feature any map in PUBG.

Each Wingman is divided into different regions: CIS & Turkey, EU, NA and SA where they’ll be combined into Europe & Americas. Each duo must make it through gruelling qualifiers to make it into the big Grand Finals where a prize pool of $10,000 USD is on the line for each region!

Weekly events
Quicker and shorter tournaments held on a weekly basis. Can consist of any competitive game mode as well as various prize pools.

Tournaments and Leaderboards

Seasonal Play

During the regular season a total of 32 teams from 3 regions (EU, CIS & Americas) will duke it out over a span of 6 weeks divided into 2 divisions: Alpha & Bravo where Alpha being the top division and the Bravo being the second.

Each week, the Bottom 6 teams from the Alpha Division move to the Bravo Division and the Top 6 from Bravo Division move to the Alpha Division.

At the end of the season the Top 3 CIS teams, Top 7 EU teams, and Top 6 Americas teams advance through to the LAN Grand Finals.

  • 1-12 placement after season automatically advance to GLL Alpha
  • 13-36 will compete in GLL Promotionals
  • 37-48 will have to re-qualify through the open qualifiers